"Murdoch is doing great. He is enjoying the sun and absolutely loves playing in the water, as long as his feet can still touch. Our obedience classes are going great. There are probably around 12 dogs in the class, and he is easily in the top three. He loves playing with the frisbee, and is spoiled rotten by both my and my boyfriends parents. We have had numerous people stop us in the street when we have him out asking where we got him, and how beautiful they think he is. We just got his registration papers from the AKC, and we named him Outwests Loch'd N Loaded." Jamie & Murdoch

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Just wanted to let you know the type of dog Sirius has become. First and foremost, he's bonded with me. There's absolutely no doubt about it. Second, my friend has a 1 year old baby girl. From the time she was 4 months old, Sirius was absolutely fascinated with her. Being that age, the child would crawl over to him, upon which he would immediately go "belly up" for her. She would pat him with her hands. When she began to stand, sirius would walk over to her and she'd crap on to his fir and stand up and balance against him..Sirius wouldn't move, he'd just allow this baby to pull his fir when she gained balance. In the car, Sirius would insist on sitting next to her and putting his paw on her car seat. Every time she'd stir or cry as an infant, he'd nose her. 

Fast forward, my husband and I take some self-defense courses. Sometimes I'll come home and show my hubby a new block or punch. Just instruction, usually in slow motion. Problem is, we can't do it around sirius. If Sirius see's me or my husband throw a punch, even in slow motion, Sirius immediately gets up, gets between my hubby and I, stands as high as he possibly can on his back legs and puts his paws on my Husband's chest and just stands there and stares at him. No growling, no aggression... not even any real moment. just blocking him. Once he gets my hubby's attention, he gives him a lick on his face, and hops down.. 

I've never seen anything like it. One other experience I had with Sirius, I was out trail running like we normally do each weekend. I was looking over a trail map/sign and all of a sudden sirius comes from behind me up on his hind legs and put's his paws on my back. It startled me because he never jumps up on me, much less my back. It caught my attention and I later realized there was a rattlesnake about 15 feet. I had him rattle snaked avoidance trained about six months back.. 

Sirius is absolutely amazing. Everyone I know loves him. Next week I'm traveling to Washington to study for the Bar Exam up there. I'll be camping out in a cabin and although It's going to be a pain to haul him up there, I'm taking him for peace of mind because I'll be alone. I love that dog so damn much. 

Thank you again for breeding such wonderfully tempered dogs.. at 69 pounds, he's gentle enough to cozy up to a 4 month old, yet won't think twice about protecting me.

"Here are some pictures of Floyd. He is doing very well. He had his first day with the trainer today and he is joining puppy training classes next Monday. He is really something."
Floyd & Bochardt Family

"Loki is the perfect dog; he's gorgeous and so smart! The only time he is uncooperative is when he sees the camera." 

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